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It was fantastic, and a very important primer on where we are and where we are headed in terms of technology impacting health and healthcare. It's accessible and easy to read, and should be read by everyone, especially people who are not deep into the development of digital healthcare technology. It definitely made me feel good about leaving pharmaceutical science to go into medicine. I am excited to become a clinician in the digital age!
Darren Savage
Darren Savage
Medical student
Great book for any audience on how digital health emerged and what’s happening right now. The author interconnects the moving pieces with strong vision. Highly recommended!
Dr. Sean Mullen
Dr. Sean Mullen
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Community Health

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health

A New Era of Human Progress


Find out why the Digital Revolution and the Genomic Revolution are the twin foundations of digital health.

Cambrian Explosion

Learn about the multitude of digital devices and sensors that are collecting data on us and integrating into our daily lives. Gain insights into the pros and cons of the apps and social media we use each day.

Key Factors

Explore the economic factors, investment landscape, innovation acceleration and regulation, and market opportunities for digital health.



Discover four key digital health strategies being used by small startups to multinational corporations, plus see what two pioneers in healthcare delivery are doing to improve quality, access, and reduce costs.


Gain insights into the many ways that digital health can address issues of chronic disease, viral pandemics, pollution, and food security.

The Fourth Wave

Find out what The Fourth Wave is, the emerging technologies driving it, the timelines for benefits to be achieved, and how businesses, organizations, and people can ride the Wave!

"We have barely begun to absorb the impact of the Third Wave—and we’re now facing the next (which) combines information technology with the genetic advances that we’ve made into a completely new wave of social, political, religious, ethical, and legal changes."

— Alvin Toffler, Author, "The Third Wave"
Korea Keynote 2015

About Paul Sonnier

Author, contributing editor, speaker, technologist, and social entrepreneur.

Paul Sonnier is the founder of the Digital Health group on LinkedIn, a global community comprised of over 60,000 professionals. He is also a contributing editor at Innovation & Tech Today, a national magazine showcasing the latest cutting edge, innovative technologies, and those individuals driving the industry forward.

Paul was the first to include genomics within the definition of ‘Digital Health‘, a term he has promulgated to great effect, with media, companies, investors, research institutions, universities, and even the FDA now using the term.

Paul previously served as a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Agenda Council on Digital Health and as a judge for an XPRIZE competition focused on identifying innovations in hardware sensors and software sensing technology.

In a career spanning over two decades in high technology industries, Paul’s roles include serving on the Strategic Advisory Board for Pathway Genomics Corporation, working as Vice President of Partner Development for the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance), extensive experience in large scale systems integration (Boeing 787 Dreamliner), program management and R&D for wireless, implantable medical devices (Calypso Medical Technologies – acquired by Varian Medical Systems), and oversight of consumer mobile phone development programs (Motorola).

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Keynote Speaking

Hear Paul speak about The Fourth Wave: Digital Health in an engaging and powerful presentation at your conference or corporate event. Paul's keynote address will provide a totally unique, big picture perspective that educates, inspires, and provides attendees with actionable insights into the digital health revolution transforming society.

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What is digital health? Explore the Cambrian Explosion of genomics, apps, devices, and wearables and trends in adoption of these innovations.

What's Happening

Discover the key drivers and trends of digital health, including economics, business opportunities, and regulation.

Business & Healthcare Examples

Which companies and healthcare organizations are leading the way in digital health? What key strategies are they leveraging?

It's Bigger Than You Think!

What is the global impact of digital health and when will the inflection point of the Fourth Wave occur?

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"Digital code, as you know, is a binary code, and ones and zeroes, and your genetic code is literally four-base code with ACGs and Ts. We can now readily convert in between the two, and we can define life at its most basic level."

— J. Craig Venter, Author, "Life at the Speed of Light: From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital Life"

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